Problem launching KDevelop CVS

Joseph Wenninger jowenn at
Sun Jun 23 23:31:02 UTC 2002


On Sunday 23 June 2002 20:29, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 23, 2002 at 07:09:02PM +0200, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> > I'll make a patch.
> The attached patch I comitted. But I guess this doesn't fix the
> original problem. At least here the kate part still installs as
>, not
> Simon

If I remember correctly:
KDE 2.2.x  and KDE 3.0.X use
KDE >= 3.0.5/3.1 is going to use

at least any KDE 3.x.x uses katepart.desktop

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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