Problem launching KDevelop CVS

Aissa Bouanan a.bouanan at
Sun Jun 23 10:34:02 UTC 2002

Hi all,

I've just downloaded the KDevelop CVS. It compiles almost well ( some pbs with 
dtd/kdex.dtd ). But when I'm trying to execute kdevelop, I have a message box 
saying :

"This version of KDevelop uses Kate as its internal editor, but Kate could not 
be found on your system! Please check that kdebase and/or Kate are installed 

  Whaou ! It remember be on old days with W$$.

I'm using both Kde 2.2.2 and Kde 3.0.1 ( the first is on /usr, the other on 
/opt/kde3 ). Kate (the kde3.0.1 version) is working pretty well ( I'm using 
it from time to time ). My paths are ok, so ?

Any idea ?


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