Gideon project - buildproblems

Edward Moyse e.moyse at
Thu Jun 20 13:00:07 UTC 2002

Bernd Gehrmann wrote:

>On Thursday 20 June 2002 08:15, you wrote:
>>Thanks Harry, but I'm still having some trouble. I can compile all the of
>>gideon and it's parts, but then it starts making the docs (is this
>>entended?). Anyway this is hwat I get:
>>Making all in doc
>>make[2]: Entering directory `/home/jsgaarde/kde3src/kdevelop/doc'
>>Making all in kdevelop
>>make[3]: Entering directory `/home/jsgaarde/kde3src/kdevelop/doc/kdevelop'
>>/usr/bin/meinproc --check --cache index.cache.bz2 ./index.docbook
>Is your KDE3 installation in /usr?
>Then you have to set KDEDIRS to /usr, otherwise meinproc won't
>find the external entities installed by kdelibs.
>If your KDE3 installation is not in /usr, then you have to make sure
>KDE3's meinproc is in your PATH *before* running the configure
>script in kdevelop.
>>Does the two first errors have anything to do with the problem:
>>1. error: failed to load external entity "dtd/kdex.dtd"
>>2. error: Entity 'language' not defined
>Only the first is an error. All others are a consequence of the first.
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Oops! Sorry Eric, I'll send them as soon as I can work out why my laptop 
isn't connecting to my network at home.


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