Gideon project - buildproblems

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jakob at
Thu Jun 20 11:23:04 UTC 2002

> Is your KDE3 installation in /usr?
Yes it seems that way. But the Redhat 7.3 installation has taken that choice
for me, Redhat 7.3 doesn't set the KDEDIR variable by default. But relative
/usr is where I can find folders like ./share/services ,
./share/servicetypes ./share/apps, so it's my best guess.

> Then you have to set KDEDIRS to /usr, otherwise meinproc won't
> find the external entities installed by kdelibs.
I found the kdex.dtd in /usr/share/apps/ksgmltools2/customization/dtd/ so I
tried setting
This didn't work. Then I tried copying the dtd/ directory to those
directories containing docbook.index files - this worked.

> If your KDE3 installation is not in /usr, then you have to make sure
> KDE3's meinproc is in your PATH *before* running the configure
> script in kdevelop.
meinproc is in the path

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