Fwd: Re: Licensing question of designer parts (was Re: Licensing change of files taken from kdevelop/gideon)

Joseph Wenninger jowenn at kde.org
Tue Jun 18 22:08:05 UTC 2002


I'll change the license of the kdelibs/kate/part/*completion* files, since it 
doesn't seem to be a problem for Trolltech.

If someone has objections, please speak up now. I'll change the license at 
about 0700 CEST 06.19.2002

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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Subject: Re: Licensing question of designer parts
Date: Tuesday 18 June 2002 13:11
From: info at trolltech.com
To: Joseph Wenninger <jowenn at kde.org>
Cc: ettrich at trolltech.com, info at trolltech.com

On Sunday, 16 Jun 2002 14:15, Joseph Wenninger wrote:
> Hi
> Sorry to disturb you, but I have a small, but difficult licensing problem.
> I'm one of the kate (KDE's Advanced Editor) core developers, who tried to
> implement a code completion interface for the kate part. Therefor I took
> some
> code from kdevelop/gideon, which already implemented that functionality and
> had been licensed GPL.
> My problem is that I would have to relicense that files as LGPL to make it
> consistent with the rest of the katepart and the kdelibs package, but it
> seems the orginal author looked a littlebit at the qdesigner code, which is
> GPL only. As I can see, he mostly took the class interfaces, but not the
> code, since the old kwrite and now therefor the kate code is not based at
> the
> QRichText classes.
> My question is now, if it would be a big problem for Trolltech, if I would
> relicense the files in kdelibs as LGPL. I enclose the suspicious files so
> that you can review, how much or less designer code is used.
> I'm thankfull for any information, even if it would tell me, that I can't
> do
> that

As there isn't really much left from the original code from Qt Designer's
editor, I have no problem if you re-license your code under the LGPL.
Reginald Stadlbauer
Senior Software Engineer
Trolltech AS, Waldemar Thranesgt. 98, 0175 Oslo


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