make tab work for past-end-of-line indentation [PATCH]

Kuba Ober kuba at
Fri Jun 14 18:40:05 UTC 2002

> Kuba,
> I applied the patch (by hand, since it wouldn't cleanly apply to my cvs
> version).
> It seems to work almost as you described it, note that if the cursor is
> at the end of the line it adds a tab at the end of the line.

Yep, that's what it was supposed to do.

> Note also, that formatting comments with tabs is not only a bad idea,
> it  was also invented in Redmond to tie up forces of the Linux movement
> just in case the emacs vs. vi war ever gets decided.

Sometimes it's pretty handy. I don't mean formatting comment contents, but try 

struct {
	int a;		// blah
	int b;		// blah blah

That's what it's for. I'm sure some will do it like this:

struct {
	// blah
	int a;
	// blah blah
	int b;

but for some large structs it's not nice (makes the struct take twice the 
lines, so at least on 80x25 consoles it's not very coder-friendly ;-).

> PS: I am sending you a private mail with a current copy of kwdoc.cpp
> and kwdoc.h for your enjoyment.
Thanks :), somebody pointed me to webcvs in the meantime (gosh, how could I 
have forgotten about webcvs???)

> PPS: I wish you would consider giving the kate guys a hand and not
> hacking on this ancient and soon abandoned codebase.
I'll be doing this in a couple of weeks.

> PPPS: You are not by any chance interested in a port of Nedit to Qt,
> are you?
What's nedit (didn't have time to search, sorry). I would be interested if 
nedit is cool and if it's worth it.

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