cutputwidget.cpp NO! NO! NO!

Kuba Ober kuba at
Fri Jun 14 00:09:05 UTC 2002

On czwartek 13 czerwiec 2002 01:43 pm, Roland Krause wrote:
> Falk,
> it is all broken again now.
> After the last commits, I have the same bug that I fixed a week ago:
> Neither line breaking nor scrolling works correctly.
> So let's stop here and try to understand what this code does, instead
> of guessing and hacking and hacking hacks.

Maybe we should implement a simple line-display widget from scratch for a 

This shouldn't be extremely hard nor too error prone I believe. I mean, we 
don't need any editing stuff, just line display with simple wrapping.


Or maybe we just need to get it from qt-copy and, as was proposed, do 
s/Q/QHack/? I assume that qt-copy has those damn bugs fixed...

Cheers, Kuba

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