fix for broken CMakeOutputWidget (2.1.2cvs)

Marcus Gruendler lists at
Thu Jun 13 10:39:31 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 12 June 2002 23:39, falk.brettschneider at wrote:
> Marcus Gruendler wrote:
> >Okay, I agree as well. for KDevelop 2.1 it might be the best solution,
> > since there won't be any new features like bullets or anything like this.
> > Nevertheless I don't have any problems with the outputview with current
> > cvs
> >
> >>from today. I have tested both Qt-3.0.3 and Qt-3.0.4 - no problem (with
> >> line
> >
> >wrapping)...
> Good news. :-)
> >But now it does not automatically scroll to the end of the compiler output
> >anymore while compiling. Any ideas?
> Here it works. It stops automatical scrolling to the bottom if you
> mouse-click in the view. That's a feature we already had in KDevelop-1.4!
> :) Ciao
> F at lk

I know this feature very well and like it a lot. But it doesn't scroll at all 
with or without clicking inside the view. Probably the problem is that I 
recompiled KDevelop in one Qt-version and using another. This is why I 
introduced the runtime check for the Qt-version for empty new lines. Actually 
it would be the best solution if you would replace all your 

#if QT_VERSION < 304


if (strncmp(qVersion(), "3.0.4", sizeof("3.0.4")) == 0)

which compares qVersion() with "3.0.4". Then there will be no problem anymore 
with switching Qt-versions. Puhh, this bug hunt is quite annoying :-( Does 
anybody of Trolltech know about the RichText problem? Will it be fixed in 

Bye, Marcus

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