konsole part: cd's when selecting a dir

fenix fenix at club-internet.fr
Wed Jun 12 23:06:04 UTC 2002

Hi to all developers,

 I'm learning how kdevelop (gideon) work and for that i have read the
todo and now i'm trying to do konsole part cd's when selecting a dir.

 But as seen in KonsoleViewWidget you connect KDevPartControler's
activePartChanged signal with KonsoleViewWidget activePartChanged slot
(this last who do the cd checking part url)

The problem is activePartChanged signal is only send when a new part is
marked as active. And for exemple, in FileTreeWidget::slotItemExecuted
slot (the slot when selecting listview entry in FileTreeWidget), only
files (FileTreeItem::File) are loaded in partControler.

An ugly hack can be done with notifying directory edition to
partControler and, in PartControler, emiting a directoryUISelected()
signal if editDocument() receive an url to a directory.:(

But a much proper hack must be a editDirectory(const KURL&) method in
PartControler who emit a activeDirectoryChanged(const KURL&) no ?

Thanks for this great work ;)


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