strange bug concerning kate / ksharedptr / gideon

Daniel Engelschalt daniel.engelschalt at
Tue Jun 11 18:11:02 UTC 2002

John Firebaugh wrote: 
> On Monday 10 June 2002 10:35, Daniel Engelschalt wrote: 
>> after the really strange malloc bug on friday (see 
>> i completely 
>> removed kde and .kde and did a fresh compile run with todays cvs of arts
>> libs 
>> / kdevelop (gideon). but i'm still unable to start gideon and editing a 
>> file. a new 
>> backtrace can be found at the end of this mail. 
>> does anyone have an idea ? :) 
> Is the backtrace reproduceable? I've been getting some crashes with
> backtraces using kate / gideon lately. Looks like memory corruption.
> someone on x86 can valgrind this? 
yes, the backtrace is the very same every time i start gideon. but in
valgrind it 
runs perfectly :) i'm attaching the interesting part of valgrind's output. 

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