gideon TODO

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Sun Jun 9 20:52:04 UTC 2002


> > Maybe a "Code" menu?
> > But my favorite solution would be to have the possibilty to create a new
> > class *only* in this contexts where it makes sense (e.g. the class view
> > or the Automake manager). And not somewhere in the main menubar where you
> > have no coherence to which target you actually add this new class. But
> > this is MHO
> A global action is something you can bind to a key combination. A context
> menu item is not.

And I think that "Create New Class" is not a global action, but affected to a 
file, a target or what ever. Cloning a class or overwriting a method for 
example is something else in my eyes because there you can chose an existing 
one. These actions would make sense in a global matter.


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