gideon TODO

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Fri Jun 7 10:28:05 UTC 2002

Hi, Eray!

> What do you mean?

Just choose a subproject in the Automake Manager (e.g. parts/autoproject): Now 
there are (in the detail view under it) two data groups and a target 
( Now right-click this target and you can select the 
"Make target active..." menu item. Now this target is shown in a bold font. 
And for example when you create a new class/file, these are added to this 
active target so that in the "New class" dialog there has to stand what the 
active target is (IMHO :-).

> Do you mean that there shouldn't be a New Class menu item in popup menus, I
> definitely want that!!! :)

No, no! :-)
I would even prefer to have the "New class" menu item *ONLY* in the 
appropriate (right-click) popup menus of the e.g. Automake Manager or class 
view because this is more intuitive.
And I also think that the "New class" item should not be found in the 
"Project" menu :-).


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