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F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Fri Jun 7 02:12:06 UTC 2002

Kuba Ober wrote:

>On wtorek 04 czerwiec 2002 07:47 pm, falk.brettschneider at wrote:
>>Roland Krause wrote:
>>>I have applied your compilation fix, indentation and editor options
>>>patch to my local version (CVS KDE_2_2_BRANCH) and all works very well.
>>I tried it and it seems to work well for the minutes I tested it. :-)
>>One issue which is important:
>>Options->Editor->EnterIndents,BackspaceUnindents,IndentBraces are not
>>checked by default. Please, let them be on by default since convinience
>>is the goal of KDevelop and that's why they should be default. I can
>>imagine some newbies wouldn't think of switching them on which IMO was
>>not an individual case.
Fixed by myself and committed.

>>BTW: I don't know if it's new due Kuba's patch but there is a crash with
>>'Tab indent' on. Just try the Tab key in the first line of any header
>>file (a comment line here) and KDevelop will crash like this:
>Confirmed. Bug in my code. Patch in an hour.
Where is it? :-)

F at lk

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