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Thu Jun 6 14:46:03 UTC 2002

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Hi there,

I've started random hacking on gideon.

So far I did a little to improve doctreeview configuration. I've generalised 
it a bit, but there isn't a default configuration yet so I'll have to :) Also 
you will be able to update docs like in kdevelop 2.

I noticed something else and I'm working on it, there is something silly going 
on with file templates (.h, .cpp....) so I'm looking to incorporate it into 
C++ options....

Except some glitches, gideon is pretty usable. Maybe better than kdevelop 2 in 
some respects.

However, we need a more complete TODO for gideon. Hack the toplevel
TODO file and write things in detail.

The most important items are interfaces or functionality present in kdevelop
2.1 but missing in gideon.

An example is "New Class" menu item in classes or file tree.

We need to port all of kdevelop 2.1's solid features to call gideon a beta.

Keep hacking,

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