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Roland Krause rokrau at
Tue Jun 4 00:11:01 UTC 2002


--- Kuba Ober <kuba at> wrote:
> Did you try
> <tab>if (a ||<enter>
> <spc><spc><spc><spc>b) {<enter> ? ;-))
Nope, but I sure will when I get my machine working again :-) 

> (yep, you can have automatic braces enabled)
> shift-tab works too ;-)

I saw that, nice!

> Questions:
> 1. I can implement autoindent for unclosed parentheses, is it worth
> it?

I dont think so. 

> 2. I can make indent/unindent work for selections, is it worth it?

Feature additions to the branch are not possible any longer, you can
maintain a patch and we will put it up to the website. 

> CVS that cannot properly handle subdirectory additions/deletions and
> that 
> cannot automatically revert changes? You must be joking :-(

This is highly off topic, so let's end this right here. 


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