Fwd: [kde-linux] Kdevelop and C++ exceptions

Nash Hoogwater nrhoogwater at planet.nl
Tue Jan 29 16:25:05 UTC 2002

Thanx for help :-).




> In the FAQ file of the source-tarball (or from cvs) you can read sth.
> about your problem:
> Q: Patching configure doesn't help, after starting autoconf my changings
> are lost.
>    Where should I patch things?
> A: There's a list of file, where you may patch things for the autotools.
>    Makefile.am, configure.in.in, configure.in (only if there is no
> configure.in.in),
> Q: I´m developing an application which needs exception handling.
>    How can I make it?
> A: Edit the file configure.in(.in) in your toplevel source directory.
> Here, you
>    have to enter after the AC_CHECK_COMPILERS() macro:
>    and after that you have to recreate your new "configure" by invoking
>    "make -f Makefile.dist" at the toplevel source directory and then
> restart the configure script
>    (or inside KDevelop by using "Build/Autoconf and Automake" and
> "Build/Configure...").
> Q: The solutions above are nice, but I want this only for a certain
> subdirectory
>    (e.g. a static lib of my project)
>    How can I make it?
> A: Edit the file Makefile.am in the desired source directory. Here, you
>    have to enter somewhere outside the KDevelop specific part:
>    Take care this works only if your project is using am_edit.
>    (It works only for newer acinclude.m4 & am_edit, AFAWK they must be
>     younger than 12-09-1999, formerly it was known as APPEND_CXXFLAGS -
>     in this KDevelop release you will find the right once.)
>    You have to update your Makefile-framework as described above
>    (make -f Makefile.dist; ./configure [options] or
>     inside KDevelop by using "Build/Autoconf and Automake" and
> "Build/Configure...").
> Q: Why patching configure.in(.in) with CXXFLAGS="$USE_EXCEPTIONS
> $CXXFLAGS" doesn't work?
> A: Look at the answer to the question "Can AM_CXXFLAGS (inside a
> Makefile.am)
>    be used for flags like -frtti or -fexceptions?" ;-)
> etc...
> Ciao
> Walter
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