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Mon Jan 28 11:26:02 UTC 2002

Hi Jens,

Jens wrote:
> Ok, here I am again (on a more or less running KDE-3 alpha/beta/something)
> I am currently looking at the documentation option dialog. As far as I can
> tell you the internals of khtml have changed a little bit. As an effect it
> is not possible any more to store the font settings in
> [DocBrowserAppearance] because khtml uses the hardcoded group [HTML
> Settings]. The colors are stored in group [General].
> Ok. The patch is tested with KDE-3 and KDevelop-2.1beta and AA only.
Before we apply your patch, please, send a patch that is working with
both KDE-2 and KDE-3.
Use #ifdef QT_VERSION < 300 for distinction.

We are shortly before the 2.1-Beta2 release which will be done for KDE-2
as well. So we don't want to mess up the KDE-2 version the last day.

Thanks anyway,
F at lk

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