Code completion and interative syntax (semantic) checking

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On Wednesday 23 January 2002 22:00, Victor Röder wrote:
> Hi, Gregor!
> > Does anybody know wheater any of those features exist in any open source
> > IDE that we may copy from?
> There was some discussion about "Source Navigator" and what I could read
> about it, that it has very reliable code browsing features.
> The interesting part of SN (in my eyes :-) is its persistent class store
> based on Berkeley DB.
> I don't know if there is some development: I could remind me of an API that
> should abstract this part in SN so that it could easily be used in e.g.
> Gideon.
> Am I right? :-)

Precisely. :)

There is some development indeed. Last I was stripping sourcenav and trying 
to decide which parts should be built for the library. The next step is a 
generic C++ API. Then I will try to write some KDE classes/parts (whichever 
is appropriate) for UI.

I want to learn more about Berkeley DB, so it was a suitable task for me.


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