Beta 2 or RC 1?

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Wed Jan 23 09:09:02 UTC 2002

Hi folks,

Eray Ozkural (exa) wrote:

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>Hi Harry, 
>On Tuesday 22 January 2002 21:01, you wrote:
>>if the indention works and the "crash on close" is gone I'll vote for "RC1"
>>otherwise "Beta 2" ;)
>Do you spot any important bugs that ought to be fixed in indentation? I had 
>written the ones I'd seen in the TODO...
here some results from my experiments with kdevelop...
to upgrade the TODO (some of these "minor" bugs can/should be resolved 
in the next release):

First at all the good news (i.e. the solved "usability" bugs, which I 
did till now), these needs testings for other distributions than SuSE 7.3:

- (as already told) admin.tar.gz was updated to make "make dist" usable 
(not only creating the tarball distribution, but also build this created 
tarball). So all templates were changed and (should) work for either KDE 
2 and KDE 3.
I already did many tests, but all on SuSE 7.3 with automake 1.4 and 1.5. 
Response from other distributions highly appreciated.

- gnome-project updated, it should also work now. (Only some warnings in 
main.cpp "Code has no effect" on two gnome calls, don't knowing exactly 
the meaning... but apart from this the created app works)

- creating a subdirectory with a sourcefile should invoke the configure 
with the parameter set by "Compiler Options". For testing this start 
kdevelop from console.

Now the "usability" bugs (which are not solved):
- -fexception usage isn't possible... in the earlier versions it was 
possible to have -fexceptions support at least inside KDevelop. The 
required fix is to patch properly.
I didn't implement it yet, because it could break other configure stuff. 
I will try it in Februrary, if my exams have passed.

- configure inside another builddir works, but the make path don't 
change, so I cannot make the project for another project configuration.
gmake: /home/tasin/project/testgnome3/Makefile: file or directory not found
gmake: *** No rule to make target 
`/home/tasin/project/testgnome3/Makefile'.  Stop.
*** error ***
In the case above /home/tasin/project/testgnome3/Debug/Makefile should 
be used.

- Once I created a new configure-configuration by the compiler-options 
(e.g. --enable-debug in Debug-directory) it should be activated till I'm 
reentering in "Compiler Options" to change this.
At the moment it always start up with the "(Default)" configuration.

- "Load ctags" doesn't work for me
grep: */.deps/*.P: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
ctags: warning: Unsupported parameter 'L' for "fortran-types" option
ctags: Unknown option: --fields
On automake 1.5 I don't have .P extension but .Po, .Plo etc.
Maybe a better solution would be to use the "ctags -R *" call, but I'm 
not the expert in ctags... so another one should have a look at it.

- IMHO sooner or later we should change "KDE 2.x path" entry and "QT 2.x 
directory" entry in "Options->KDevelop Setup->Path" to something like 
"Alternative pathes for KDE/QT" (for the KDevelop (KDE 3) users to give 
2.x pathes and viceversa)
In the appwizard you should be able to activate a checkbox to use these 
or not (due to the fact that these pathes are only used once for project 

- EXTRA_DIST can also contain project directories, but there is no 
possibility to add them to EXTRA_DIST (if there is no in it) 
(e.g. see project-admin directory)

- AFAIK "Project Options->Compiler Options->Configure-> --enable-debug" 
will now have an argument.
(without argument, "yes" and "full"). Not implemented yet, but you can 
use "Additional Options".

These are not severe bugs, but solving them would advance the usability 
a little bit (and I hope less bug-reports) ;-).



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