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Harald Fernengel harry at
Mon Jan 21 15:47:03 UTC 2002


1 GHz P III and KDE3 compiled with --disable-debug and I'm getting the bug, 
but without a good backtrace. 
300 MHz P II with KDE3/Qt/KDevelop compiled with debug info -> no crash at 

I don't think the bug depends on CPU speed but rather whether KDevelop is 
compiled with debug info... Maybe some pointers are initialized to 0L if 
debug is on?


> Morjen,
> August Hörandl wrote:
> > just open a project, change a file (out of some open files), quit
> > kdevelop,
> > say "no - dont save" and wait for the crash most of the times - like in
> > the commercial: "nicht immer, aber immer öfter" ;-)
> Darauf Prost! :-)
> Well, in this case it's 99% an event timing problem that cant happen
> since my machine is faster than the bug. :-P
> Can you see the dangling pointer? Do you see why it's already invalid?
> Do you recognize what is going on?
> Cheers,F at lk
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