TODO list (again)

Harald Fernengel harry at
Mon Jan 21 13:17:04 UTC 2002


whoops... sorry, but after I commented out the line the auto-indent worked 
again if you press return somewhere in the middle of a codeline...

If it broke something else please tell me so we can make an if-clause around 
it, but the recordReplace has to occur in order to get the normal auto-indent 
working again...


> Please refrain from changes to kwrite code unless you understand exactly
> what you're doing. What were you intending to fix? That line was commented
> out knowingly, until a replacement code was written.
> I'm reverting the code to the below version.
>     if (pos > 0) {
>       // TODO: need a working record here now
>       //recordReplace(c.cursor,0,textLine->getText(),pos);
> Thanks,

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