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Mon Jan 21 10:50:36 UTC 2002

"Eray Ozkural (exa)" wrote:
> > Yes. KDE_2_2_BRANCH will be used for the next KDevelop release (for both
> > ones, KDE3 and KDE2 version).
> >
> Yes, not an awfully clear naming though =:[]
Support of KDE3 is just an additional feature of the KDE_2_2_BRANCH
which was originally the stable branch for KDE2. We didn't want to open
another branch in cvs. Although if we decide to only support KDE3, it
will make sense to lock and finish the KDE_2_2_BRANCH and to switch to
the KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH. But currently that contains the very unstable
kate integration trial of Roland, so it wouldn't be a wise decision for
a stable release at the moment.

> > > I don't wanna commit
> > > without compiling and testing you know :)
> > >
> > :-)
> Great, so I will have to upgrade to KDE3 to be actually able to use my fixes.
They also happen with (KDE_2_2_BRANCH && KDE2). It doesn't matter which
KDE version you have.
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