KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH Kaction changes in cvs

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 08:09:02 UTC 2002

I've checked in a chunk of changes that define KDevelop's menus with
KActions and KStdActions. 

Code will be much cleaner with this. 

I got File, Edit and View menus done, i.e. View is mostly done there
are a few minor problems that lead to crashes, I know how to fix these,
ignore those. 

I am going to go out of town for about two weeks and will then continue
with this. 

Anybody interested in KDevelop-2.x, please give this a try, look at the
code and maybe help by doing one or two columns out of the menu. Help
with kdevelopui.rc is also appreciated and it is real easy stuff. 

PS: I did tag the version so we can merge these changes into
KDE_2_2_BRANCH if desired. 
PPS: Please do not attempt kate GUI merging before the old menu
structure is completely reproduced, otherwise copatibility with
KDE_2_2_BRANCH is lost. 

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