build breaks at kpp.cpp

Roland Krause rokrau at
Mon Jan 21 07:59:02 UTC 2002

Hmm, we had this before, I think this problem was a broken qt-copy. 

Jowenn do you remember what this was.

--- "Eray Ozkural (exa)" <erayo at> wrote:
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> Why would this happen? I just made a make distclean and ./configure
> The build borked at kpp.cpp.
> I got the following error message:
> In file included from kpp.cpp:33:
> kpp.h:24: projectView.h: No such file or directory
> Roland, looks like you did the last commit for this file. Could you
> (or 
> somebody who knows) please help me out of this? I don't have time to
> track it 
> down. I can't commit before I have this working.
> Thanks,
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