TODO list (again)

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Sun Jan 20 23:13:04 UTC 2002

Hi August,

August Hörandl wrote:

>Roland Krause wrote:
>>The release is nearing, time for the TODO list again.
>>This is a TODO list for KDevelop-2.1 which is based on KDE_2_2_BRANCH
>>running under KDE-3.0.
>>I have from an earlier thread:
>>1 Feature:   Make for directories                  Roland, DONE
>>2 BugFix:    Fix browser font selection
>>3 BugFix:    When KDevelop is minimized while      Falk?
>>             running a make it will
>>             deiconize every time a file has
>>             compiled succesfully
>>4 Feature:   Allow for removal of                  not likely
>>             directories from the project
>>5 Feature:   Make ctags command configurable       Roland, maybe
>7 Bugfix: kdevelop crashes on close with changed files if user says
>  "no - don't save" (kdevelop from cvs: KDE_2_2_BRANCH, kde2.2.1 on/from
>  suse 7.3)
I tested it about 30 times with changed .moc files from the outside but 
I cannot reproduce that bug with the current CVS version at all. No 
crashes or problems here. Choosing 'No' in the Yes/No-dialog on 
'File'->'CloseAll' works well.
Please, can you test it with the current CVS too?
Or send me a precise list of steps I must do for reproducing.
(I tested with TabPage mode, KDE-2.2.2, SuSE-7.3, maybe it's an event 
timing problem that I wont have here on the fast 1,2GHz machine)

Cheers, F at lk

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