TODO list (again)

Roland Krause rokrau at
Thu Jan 17 17:48:04 UTC 2002

The release is nearing, time for the TODO list again. 

This is a TODO list for KDevelop-2.1 which is based on KDE_2_2_BRANCH
running under KDE-3.0. 

I have from an earlier thread: 

1 Feature:   Make for directories                  Roland, DONE
2 BugFix:    Fix browser font selection
3 BugFix:    When KDevelop is minimized while      Falk?
             running a make it will
             deiconize every time a file has 
             compiled succesfully
4 Feature:   Allow for removal of                  not likely
             directories from the project
5 Feature:   Make ctags command configurable       Roland, maybe

Please test KDevelop-2.1 under KDE-3.0 now. This request goes out to
all core developers of KDevelop-2.1, Ralf, falk, harryF, exa, jbb.
Gideon people, Sandy, Richard, Bernd, Victor all the other nice folks I
forgot, if you could help with this, it would be highly appreciated. 

Add necessary features and bugfixes to the list and please run and test
the program. 


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