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Tue Jan 15 20:14:02 UTC 2002


actually I did a commitment, which brings the admin.tar.gz in sync with 
the HEAD.
Due to a changement in Makefile.common, which was done Nov 7th it 
is/should be now possible to use this admin/ stuff to select the kde 
version by changing one line inside

for the recent qt/kde version


actual setting inside the project templates for qt/kde 2 usage


etc. etc.

On QT projects this can be also done by searching the line:
KDE_USE_QT(2) inside
and change this to KDE_USE_QT or revert this to a comment, for QT 3.x usage.

Maybe some of you want to implement a dialog function to change this... 
so feel free.

Hope this would make developing (applications with kdevelop and kdevelop 
itself) a little bit easier ;-)



PS: Please test the stuff...
(also trying to make tarball-distributions with this new admin-dir and 
compile them... should be now possible - at least I hope so)
PPS: Roland, I used the kde-project templates from KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH, so 
the explanaition changements from David are also inside these templates.

Harald Fernengel wrote:

>the app templates should work together with Qt3/KDE3 if you replace the admin 
>directory with the one from kde-common (a few kilobytes in the KDE-CVS).
>All KDE apps have only one dependency: KDELibs. Install the KDE libraries and 
>you should be able to compile and run any KDE 3 app.
>Look at for information how to run two 
>KDE versions at the same machine.
>Note that you may run into trouble if you run a KDE3 app under KDE2. Solution: 
>Start the KDE3 app as another user (or install KDE3 base and switch 
>completely to KDE3).
>>I've been trying to get Kdevelop and QT 3 to work together for some time
>>but without success.
>>Can I use a KDE 3 template within Kdevelop and not have KDE 3 installed?
>>If so where can I download the template?
>>As another alternative, how much of KDE 3 do I need to install to get the
>>latest beta version of Kdevelop going? The last time that I looked there
>>was something like 80MB in the KDE 3 directory. Far too much to download.

oohhh sveglia.... il mondo e' ammalato, ma x colpa di chi.........
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