Bug#36881: Program unuseable/unrecoverable after changing the user-interface

Michael Uplawski uplawski at quercus.franken.de
Sat Jan 12 12:19:01 UTC 2002

The situation has not improved. But after uninstalling KDE and a
complete reinstallation (with SuSE-RPMs), the window-layout is back
to normal. 

Only now, _everything_ needs too much time. Clicking a menu-item,
clicking an icon in the task-bar, navigation btw. files... halts
KDevelop for an unbearable long time.

This won't work for me.

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created: 2001-09-10 expires: 2002-09-10
fingerprint: 7AF1 8CDC 31F8 CF87 C5C0  1F6B DBF6 EED4 EBF8 62F0
User: Michael Uplawski <uplawski at quercus.franken.de>

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