I'm brooding

Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at GMX.de
Thu Jan 10 20:10:05 UTC 2002


I'm just trying to compile (again) Gideon for KDE3/Qt3. I have found 
something that makes me brooding :-)

In kdelibs/KDE3PORTING.html you can something like:

The >>KFileViewItem<< class is completely replaced with KFileItem from kio. 
All its functionality has been merged with its former baseclass KFileItem.

In parts/fileselector/fileselector_part.cpp you can find something like

void FileSelectorPart::fileSelected(const KFileViewItem *file)
  KURL u(file->urlString());

  core()->gotoSourceFile( u );

In $KDEDIR/include there still exists a kfileviewitem.h. Just for 
compatibility reasons?

Could someone of you clear me up, please (for this scope - I already know how 
bees fly to their flowers :-)


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