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Hi Ian,

Thanks a lot for all your work on sourcenav.

Is my small call graph generator included in sourcenav now? I'd posted it 
here on the list. I can sign things, too. :) A fellow hacker had even made 
some improvements to it. It was very useful for trying to understand a large 
chunk of old code in a past project I worked in.

I have an important question to ask. For the past two weeks or so we have 
been discussing how the parser backend should be in KDevelop IDE. As a 
computer scientist, I feel what the Right Thing (TM) is but as far as 
practically goes it is out of question [*].

What we have here is a class store API (which is basically a tree structure) 
that is intended to provide type information for class based languages. 
KDevelop hackers are retro-fitting a C++ parser for doing things like code 

However, my hunch is that it will not be a general purpose or complete 
solution to the problem. Neither is a perfect solution implementable in our 
humble development environment (that being ancient parser generators and data 
structure driven procedural language: C++)

The next best thing that comes to my mind is sourcenav for three reasons. It 
has solved the multiple languages & persistence problems reasonably well. 
And, it's very portable. Would you deem merit in trying to re-use code from 
source navigator in a C++ code base? (ie we would be using the C API of 
sourcenav). What advantages/disadvantages of sourcenav parser/type analysis 
backend would you think of as the sourcenav maintainer? And how should one go 
about it? (can the whole back end be made into a library?)


[*] Doing incremental type analysis for all supported programming languages.

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