c++ code completion status report

Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at GMX.de
Tue Jan 8 23:02:04 UTC 2002


> Hold! The problem is a different. Creating an incremental parser is
> the problem. Hav you just the faintest idea of how such a parser should
> work? And even if so, have you any idea of how complex the C++ syntax is?
> Since I'm the one who's doing the parser I have to dissuade from such
> features.

Hey, that was *just* a "What-if-analysis" :-).
If the parser should only parse the changed parts of a file =>
the editor has to tell the parser where.

> That's not the point. If we compile it once it's 'our' code. i.e. we won't

What do mean with "If we compile it once it's 'our' code'?


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