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> surfing around I found the following:
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unfortunately it isn't that easy due to the fact that the automatism of 
Makefile.common inside admin/ reacts on every and in every kind of subdirectory (either added with 
It COULD be handled by makefile rules (to rename the Makefile.ams and like gideon does and rename it again on creation of the 
tarball), but I think in the actual situation of KDevelop 2 (with two 
different branches for version 2.1) we shouldn't change this system, 
because writing makefiles rules for all supported platforms would need 
another beta stage (there'd be always a Solaris or netbsd on which 
certain commands inside a makefile won't work).

So I revert the idea... except you are insisting ;-)



PS: AFAICS on gideon this problem doesn't exist anymore, so it really 
would be only for 2.1.

oohhh sveglia.... il mondo e' ammalato, ma x colpa di chi.........
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