c++ code completion status report

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 7 17:46:02 UTC 2002

On Monday 07 January 2002 12:31 pm, Thomas Schilling wrote:
> Hi Richard
> > What if we would like to release a 'developer version' of gideon with KDE
> 3 to
> > attract other developers to contribute plugins? If cppsupport was
> completely
> > broken while the large grammar was being debugged, it would probably put
> > people off. Hence, my suggestion to use a new directory 'advancedcpp' for
> the
> > code completion C++ parser.
> Currently I'm changing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So nothing can brake.
> Everything I've changed until now rests on my own PC. Since i've some of
> these f***ed up WinModems I cannot use CVS.
I'm suggesting you CHANGE STUFF in the cvs, this is open source - we love 
people changing stuff :-). Only that when you check it in, I think it 
shouldn't go in cppsupport..

But one the other hand, I like the idea of using the gcc 3.0.x preprocessor, 
tokenizer and bison grammar code as a starting point in 'advancedcpp'. Then 
gideon would become a sort of 'Visual gcc'. It isn't that your grammar would 
be any better or worse than the gcc one, but actually using the same code 
from gcc for class browsing and code completion etc. would be new in an IDE I 

Sorry to hear you have problems with 'legacy OS' modem support though..

> I only have some experiments running to try out which approach is most
> promising. I heard the cppsupport-part does run but is not 'perfect' so I'm
> testing another, more complex approach.
> Give me some days and I have some test case for you.
No worries. I think if we had a more sophisticated parser than in cppsupport 
it would really help with code refactoring and so on, apart from code 
completion. Assume I'm already sold on the idea :)...

-- Richard

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