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Hi Thomas,

On Monday 07 January 2002 14:47, Thomas Schilling wrote:
> No I'm not writing it totally new. That would be a waste of time. But I
> need a good concept for type information and currently I'm wondering how to
> temporarily modify trees or strings (efficiently).

Modifying a tree is not hard once you have a proper data structure. The hard 
part is the algorithms. I don't think the type information can be constructed 
compositionally, that is with a DFS traversal of the parse tree. I suspect 
you would have to take into account the dependencies of attributes at each 
non-terminal and terminal node. But, this is just a guess, I'm saying that 
off the top of my head as I know how convoluted C++ semantics is :) You might 
need some sort of implementation guide to C++ language. Both Lippmann and 
Stroustroup have books that talk about the internals. I suppose you'd need 
one of those available at all times, and a decent compiler book such as the 
good old dragon book or its derivatives in which you can find what an 
attribute grammar is, how types can be represented, etc.

Happy hacking,

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