c++ code completion status report

Daniel.Engelschalt at gmx.net Daniel.Engelschalt at gmx.net
Mon Jan 7 09:07:02 UTC 2002

Am 04.01.02 16:16:31, schrieb Richard Dale <Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk>:

>I can't find any bison grammar in cppsupport. I see two flex grammars with 
>minor differences:
>tokenizer-cc.l  tokenizer.l
>'tokenizer-cc.l' has these extra tokens:
>    /*==> added by DANIEL <==*/
>If you only want these tokens to be parsed in a 'more detailed' parse phase 
>why not have one flex grammar and use the 'REJECT' macro to reject these 
>tokens if doing the standard 'less detailed' parse for the class tree, as 
>oppposed to code completion?
just a quick note from my side - because these are things i added.

when i did my first steps in kdevelop i looked in the file BUGS and fixed 2 of them in the classstore. after that i thought that it should be possible to 
use that mechanism of parsing (flex) for getting a variable's type in a cpp-file. so i just extended what was there (without going very deep in flex-
grammer) and mailed it to victor roeder who, in that time, started the cc stuff. since then we are searching for "the right way" to make cc work and so 
we "found" thomas schilling who seems to be very good, interested and fast in learning grammer things. so all cc related stuff in parts/cppsupport is 
subject to change (or you can convince us that using the current approach of parsing a cpp-file could lead to success ;)
victor's and my intention was to provide a cc for basic types (like QString, ...) so that people who are new to qt / kde have an easy start and do not 
only see tons of classes and methods.

so, that's it :)


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