c++ code completion status report

Thomas Schilling snuffeler at gmx.net
Sun Jan 6 20:04:02 UTC 2002

> Is that 0.5 seconds going to grow when we are dealing with complex codes,
> such as one that #include's a good collection of kde libraries?

I'd say no. These files don't have to be reparsed since they
don't change. And if they change parsing can be performed on saving
or in the IDEs 'spare' time (say every 30s). One reason why it could slow
down would be that the access on it's information is too slow. But that's
some issue for the class store.

Other problem: These 168 shift/reduce actually shouldn't appear.
I have 4 shift/reduce conflicts per alternative of e.g. "expr '+' expr"
'+' is declared as follows: "%left '+'". In the BISON example this
works without moaning. So what am I doing wrong?

- Thomas

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