Problems with distribution creation (etags/automake related)

Jens Zurheide jens.zurheide at
Sun Jan 6 12:53:04 UTC 2002

Hi everbody,

I am currently fighting with creating a source distribution of one of the 
sample projects (kde2 normal). I am running KDevelop 2.1beta (CVS) under 

The first thing that stopped me was that the autoconf/local/make framework 
insists on using /opt/kde3 for the KDE installation. I have KDE3 lying 
around in this directory but have everything configured for KDE2 and supply 
--prefix=/usr/jens/kde2 to ./configure. Configuring from the command line 
works fine. I found out that this is caused somewhere deep, deep in the 
admin directory. Maybe a configuration option for the project configuration 
would be nice. (BTW: the configure tab in the project options dialog looks 
good but I wouldn't expect it under "compiler options").

But the real problem is the tags file. I think automake (using file 
/usr/share/automake/tags.m4) puts the tags file in the KDE_DIST variable of 
the which then is included in DISTFILES. Calling make dist 
tries to re-create the tags file and executes etags with command-line 
options not understood by etags (exuberant tags) version 5.0.2 or 5.2. 
Removing tags from the KDE_DIST=... assignment in the Makefile works but 
this is not a real solution. Is anybody out there knowing how to fix this?


PS: After some more investigations I found out that function 
"sub tag_DIST ()" of am_edit puts "tags" automatically in KDE_DIST _if_ it 
is present in the project root directory. Unforutnately "make distclean" 
does not remove this file. Maybe one solution could be to block the tags 
file at the beginning of tag_Dist() in the same way as the other files are 
blocked there. But then "make tags" still won't work :(

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