c++ code completion status report

Tobias Kalbitz SCFKyle at web.de
Fri Jan 4 16:19:02 UTC 2002

Hi K-Team,

Richard Dale wrote:

>Yes, KDE Studio doesn't use any XML, just QDom. But XML would be quite large 
>if you wrote it out to disk for a persistant class store, and a lot larger 
>than the original source files I should think. Is it quicker to read and 
>parse XML files than the original C++, Java etc source files (I don't see why 
>it should be)?

I didn't think so because we can compress the XML files on the fly like 
SO or KOffice and you have only the names from the namespaces, 
methods... to store not the whole source code. The memory is also not a 
problem we can parse the dom tree and store the result in own structs so 
all the same a own parser or doxygen with XML output.


The truth is out there! Does anyone know the URL? (Quelle unbekannt)

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