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On Friday 04 January 2002 07:25, you wrote about Re: c++ code completion 
status report:
> KDE Studio uses QDom for its class store - I did a brief comparison between
> Studio and KDevelop and found that KDevelop was slightly faster (Bernd also
> thought QDom would use more memory, but I didn't measure that). Much more
> time was spent parsing than writing to the class store in both IDE's. Would
> a be a good idea to profile gideon when it parses the source files for a
> project? Then we would know whether the time is going on lexical analyis,
> parsing or class store writes? John Birch did some measurements on KDevelop
> 2.0 a while ago and found that the lexer was taking most of the mill.
Well QDOM allows you to break away from a solid data structure for you class 
store.  Python, Perl and C++ all handle objects differently, some have name 
spaces some do not... etc...  if() and switch() case statements would do the 
job but put you in hell very quickly.

Ideally if we had a QDOM to store the class view and a KListView that would 
render it i think we would be about 75% if the way there.  You do not need 
XML to use a DOM, XML is just a convinent way to save and load a DOM.

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