c++ code completion status report

Andrea Aime aaime at libero.it
Fri Jan 4 13:56:02 UTC 2002

Alle 22:52, giovedì 3 gennaio 2002, hai scritto:
> Seems it's an impatiently expected feature.
> So I'll give you a short survey of what issues
> we're struggling with. (Until now we held our
> discussion in German and outside kdevelop-devel).
> The first features the C++ code completion (CC)
> will support are:
> - member completion
> - argument hinting/completion
> - type information
> About 100 more features are conceivable but
> the time ... ;-)
> Undoubtedly we need a parser. Therefore we
> had to learn BISON (at least I had to) and even
> before had to find out that we had to learn about it.
> It seems that work will continue faster now but
> it's still a lot of work and C++ has a very complicated
> grammar with many many ambiguities.

Anyone of you gave a look at RedHat's Source Navigator?
It has parsers for several languages, stores the parsed information
in bynary files and provides some simple C api to access them...
using these files the Source Navigator GUI provides a list of every
function/class/method/file parsed and full cross referencing... it doesn't
know about signals and slot, but I guess only some modification to 
the available parsers is needed... using the API you will get also an
uniform way to deal with C, Fortran, Perl, Tcl, Python etc. etc.
Source navigator is GPL'd and can be found on sources.redhat.com.
Hope this helps
Best regards
Andrea Aime

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