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Loy jalimao at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 14:15:06 UTC 2002


First, great work on KDevelop!

I don't know if this feature is already present (if
so, tell me how to enable it on version x.x :) but if
not, I would like to know WHEN would this be
implemented (if not, please tell me why):

A TOOLTIP will appear pertaining to anything relevant
(parts/components within and is accessible by the
program/project) to what the coder is typing/coding,
such as:
-> If the coder is accessing (typing '.' , '->' or
'::') a structure or a class, a tooltip will show a
list of all the member variable-function of that
-> if a function is being typed (or the mouse is
hovering over a function statement), a tooltip will
show the syntax/declaration of that function (or a
list for global/local functions and overides).
-> though optional, the tooltip can act as an

To be more accurate, I am refering to the feature
present in Visual C++.  I believe that this would
GREALY help the coder manage complex programs and
avoid confusion (particularly backtracking).

Many tnx and hoping for a quick and favorable reply.
Loy de Guzman

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