i dunno understand...

Dan Marinescu DMarinescu at DanMarinescu.com
Sat Dec 28 01:13:06 UTC 2002

hi there,

i dunno understand why even bother to say "hey, download source is 
here..." when in fact, that is a super unstable, not even fully 
compileable source snapshot... the svn thing (which you called by "very 
experimental") sucks, it does not even compile! i do not understand why 
you even allowed the author to post it in the main tree... you can do 
whatever you want with the cvs unstable branches, but when you say "this 
is the source for redhat 8.0" (for example), the source should compile, 
link, etc...

you can do whatever you want, but you really shut your own legs... (i 
mean, this teribilistic stupiditiy is hurting ya and you prestige, 
affecting the open source software image!) what's the big deal to try 
compiling the sources, on the operating systems you claim to be 
compatible with, BEFORE posting them?!?


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