[BUG / FEATURE REQUEST] quitting application with not saved files.

Andreas Wuest AndreasWuest at gmx.de
Sat Dec 21 16:36:02 UTC 2002


i found another bug when you quit gideon with some not saved files.
To reproduce open a project, change some files, do not save the files
and quit the applicaton. you get the dialog "Save modified files ?", now
select "save none". After selecting that you still get a warning for
each changed files that "The document has been modifed." and if you want
to save the document, even though you just told the app not to save the
changed files.

When you create a new class the filenames for the header and the 
implementation are made up according to the class name. So if i create
a class MyNewClass the header will be named MyNewClass.h and the
implementation MyNewClass.cpp. Since i want all header and impl. files
in lower case i need to edit the header and the impl. name manually.

I'd be really cool if you could add a switch or something like that,
that allows me to change the filesnames of the header and the
implementation to lowercase, uppercase or leave them unchanged.



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