C Programming Reference, Martin Leslie

Christian Habermann ChHab at t-online.de
Thu Dec 19 18:00:07 UTC 2002

Hello KDevelop-Team,

I have a question concerning "C Programming Reference" which
is part of KDevelop's documentation, the author is 
Martin Leslie.

I can't find an actual e-mail address of Martin, so I contact
you. You are mentioned as "Primary Contact Address" in AUTHORS
of this package (package-name is: c_cpp_reference-2.0.2,

I want to write my own C-reference. This reference should be
accessable from within VIM as a kind of online-help. Now I want to 
know whether it is allowed or not to take parts of Martin's 
"C Programming Reference" as base for my own project. My project 
will be released under GPL 2.

Tanks in advance for answering.

Best regards

  Christian Habermann

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