Fwd: Attention: Project: KActionWorkShop - A Standalone App for Visually edit XML KDE rc files

Serge Lussier serge.lussier at videotron.ca
Sat Dec 14 00:29:03 UTC 2002

Hi  there,

I am too much excited to keep it for myself!

I 've started a project (for now) as an APP to "Visually" edit the XML
rc files of the KDE Actions Menu system, for KDE application developers.

I have almost already terminated the coding for XML input ( using
 QDomDocument classes ) and Output as well.

Some of you may remember I was asking for this kind of tool to be integrated
in Gideon... I didn't thought I could be skilled enough to do it myself...
But surprise, I DO have the skill and still the intellectual capacity to do
it!! (I am getting old...) ;-)

Since I am alone in this project, I might need a couple of weeks before I
officially  announce my project ( first alpha release) .

There is only one thing I can tell is an important missing feature:
A Class parser to be able to help me locate things into sources files as the
Kdevelop classparser does. I can't import the Kdevelop ClassParser subdir
into my project because of screwed Automake/Autoconf and Makifile.am troubles
Flex/yacc generated files in this subdir. That means I will have to code my
own classparser (for .h/.cpp )...Unless someone tells me about how to
well integrate the Classparser into my project ;-);-);-)
I have error like: "lex.yy.c generated by tokenizer.c and tokenizer.cc..."

I am really looking forward to see, in case of success, if this project can
 be eventually integrated into GIdeon ( as KdevPart like the cpp/part" )...

CU soon,


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