Any plans for a alpha3 release with KDE3.1 final?

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jakob at
Fri Dec 13 19:07:04 UTC 2002

Harry wrote:
>Since we are using kate as default editor, I guess it makes more sense to
>with the kate people about this issue (kwrite-devel at Otherwise I
>suggest using kvim, it is a real beauty if you get used to the

First of all the editors configuration was just an example. But it doesen't
alot that kate is the default editor when you can't bring your kate
over in gideon.


for (;;){  //this I don't want...

for (;;)
{        // this I like

I don't want to backspace twice and then space to the scopes start.
Simply put my cursor on the next line "spacing" it forward to the previous
line's start. This is my preference, and 1000 other people have there
preference. The editors are the most used entities and they should at
least be very configurable.


Anyway I can see my note triggered a lot of feedback maybe we should
take a step back and view the status and put in a punch for alpha 3.
I have been away from the project a few months because I have had a
son, but I'm ready to give my share of the work now.

Jakob Simon-Gaarde

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