[Bug 51678] new lines inserted in big C files

Dennis Öberg dennis.oberg at emw.ericsson.se
Mon Dec 9 15:09:03 UTC 2002

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------- Additional Comments From dennis.oberg at emw.ericsson.se  2002-12-09 15:08 -------
The error is also present in newer versions. And i am not the only one who has 
seen this error. I got an email in the forum from Fred:

>Same problem for me, but since a long time and with many KDevelop versions
>(today v2.1.3 on KDE 3.0.3).
<This is frustrating seeing my files altered like this.
>Any idea would be nice.
>fhess at splust.ch

This has to be investigated more!!
To reproduce this problem just open a large C file. Do a minor change. Save the 
file. Diff the to versions and you will se that there are quite a few new lines 
added in the file.

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