more gideon bugs

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jsgaarde at
Sat Dec 7 20:46:03 UTC 2002

> >1. open/create a qmake project. typical for a qmake
> >   project seems to be that all source files are located
> >   in the src directory. Next go the the menu "Project -> New Class"
> >   and fill in the class forms (class name, etc) and press ok.=20
> >   the qmake manager now lists the header and the source file correctly
> >   in the lower window of the qmake manager (HEADERS, SOURCES).
> >   The files are also correctly added to the file. However the
> >   files are not located in the src directory, but one directory up
> >   (base directory of the project). They should be in the src directory.
> Oh my god! Thats a bug of dimentions. I will correct this right away!!!

It's ok now and checked into CVS.

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