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catania at sitek.it catania at sitek.it
Fri Dec 6 18:23:05 UTC 2002

Dear KDevelop Team members,

I have a few questions about the Web site you are using for your project 

How do you maintain your Web pages? I mean, are they static and coded "by 
hand", or you are using some kind of Web application?
I saw your forum  is managed with "Phorum" (http://phorum.org/), but what 
about other services like mailing list, news, faqs, bug tracking, doc and 
links library, internalization support, content management?

Sorry if my questions are quite trivial and actually not related to the 
KDevelop IDE development, but your answers could really help me, as they 
can be useful for a similar Web site I need to realize in the near future.

Alberto Catania
Sitek s.p.a.
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