Gideon & Kdevelop-2.1.3

Iztok I at
Fri Dec 6 08:21:02 UTC 2002

I've got Kdevelop-2.1.3 installed and I need it for daily work so I 
would not like to damage it in any way installing the Gideon which I 
would very like to try. So I am asking:

1. Is it possible to configure/install Gideon with any given prefix or 
are there some rules to be followed ?
2. If answer to 1. is positive -  is installing Gideon overwriting any 
or none Kdevelop-2.1.3 resources ?
3. Are there nightly-built binaries/RPMs (or anything) alike available 
for SuSE-8.1 ?
4. Which enviroment (automake, autoconf, gcc, glibc) is best to be used 
when building Gideon ?

I know that the questions may seem silly but I was not in position to 
follow the Gideon development very promptly as well as I could not find 
exact answer to upper questions on the net.


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